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Our Leadership

Dr. Glenda D. Smith, President and CEO of Omvizon Academy, LLC
is also an adult training specialist. She had extensive experience as a professor in higher education for nearly three decades in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, Cheyney University Department of Modern Languages and Communication.

Dr. Glenda Smith

She has a wealth of educational training including: 


  • B.A.  in Modern Foreign Languages (French and Spanish majors) - Fisk University, Nashville, Tennessee 


  • Master of Arts in - Spanish - Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 


  • Graduate Level Language Studies in French and Spanish at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia; and the National University of Mexico in Mexico City, Mexico 


  • MPH-Master of Public Health - Specializing in Integrative Health/Gerontology at West Chester University of PA 


  • Doctorate in Adult/Continuing Education/Training - at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA 

More about Dr. Glenda D. Smith

The author has lived and traveled extensively in Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Spain. While living in Puerto Rico for more than 10 years, she established and served as president and CEO of Smith Institute School of Languages in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico. The Institute offered language training services -English as-a-Second Language to the management personnel of local banks such as Chase Manhattan; Banco Popular; Banco de Ponce; and to companies throughout the island such as Sterling Pharmaceuticals; Warner-Lambert, Inc.; Sun-Oil Corporation, Inc.; Coca Cola and others.
Smith’s work experiences also include corporate communications for private firms; newspaper and magazine journalism; and freelance writing/editing. She is fully bilingual (English and Spanish). 

More about our Program

Dr. Smith says: “We live in a highly diverse, multicultural society, hence, the global need for persons to become fully bilingual is imperative— especially in English and Spanish. Effective communication needs are critical from day–to-day in all spheres of life, including the workforce. Functional knowledge of these languages –Spanish and English---is now a necessity —not a luxury.

In step with modern day trends, the Academy currently specializes in online language training. Courses are user-friendly and interactive so that learners can not only acquire the skills and speak the new language that they desire, but also enjoy the journey.

Dr. Smith utilizes her recently published textbook -Spanish Fast N’ Easy,,© 2024. This text provides a comprehensive, intuitive, yet practical and exciting instructional learning system for the new student. Her methodologies were acquired from her experiences as a professional linguist in the area of bilingual education and also years during which she founded and directed Smith Institute-School of Languages--in San Juan, Puerto Rico. There she successfully trained thousands of adult students in the metro area. Most of her clients were personnel of local banks and American-based pharmaceutical companies in the island.


OMVIZON  Academy, LLC , based in the metro area of Charlotte North Carolina, is the center for one of the most comprehensive and innovative language training programs in the region. Spanish Fast N’ Easy is an easy-to-use language training program for beginners who are trying to improve their speaking and comprehension skills in conversational Spanish. Combined with a soft cover text book (physical copy). the other two components are developed in digital format for use at home or almost anywhere else. 

One of the key attributes of Spanish Fast N’ Easy is versatility. It is the best option for the busy individual; the student; the house wife; the business professional, or anyone who does not have time to study in a traditional classroom setting. The program provides the audio-lingual practice and skills-building features which are most often lacking in the typical classroom. Learners may study anywhere in the world using a computer, cell phone, tablet or any type of mobile device as long as there is access to the internet.  

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