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#100 - Level 1 - Cost: 0

Introduction to Spanish (see the Blog for further info)

The next cycle of Introduction to Conversational Spanish #100 will be available starting July 15, 2024  (unit one-)---and the second unit will began on July 30, 2024.  This new version will not be  live stream on Zoom. For the purpose of greater benefit to the participants the new format will have 15 segments:  some P.DF; some audio; and video clips, presented by the author/coach, Dr. Glenda Smith.


July 15, 2024

Virtual Course

Open to paid enrollees 

This course is available only for people who have purchased
Spanish Fast N' Easy

#500 - Level 1 - Cost: $219 (Until June 15, 2024)

Spanish Fast N’ Easy
(includes: textbook, audio and video clips)

  Conversational Spanish is designed specifically for beginners with no previous training. The on line program consists of 20 modules focused on vocabulary building; pronunciation; and rhythm patterns.
  A newly-published text book, complete audio files, and related video exercises further the learning process. 
  New methodology is used to enhance learning and help to eliminate the fear of speaking a new new language. Focus is placed on speaking and comprehension, not grammar rules.
(After purchase, the buyer will be granted access to course materials)


June 3rd, 2024
and thereafter

The following set of courses are currently available on line.
They may be acquired via the Academy’s website with several payment plans available. Upon launching, these courses will be available to purchase continuously for the remainder of the year.
They may be discounted or increased  over a period of time as advertised.

Introduction to Spanish
Spanish Fast N’ Easy
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